Monday, August 10, 2009

Romania stiff-arms same-sex 'marriage'

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow -

Romania's Parliament has moved to protect traditional marriage.

Roger Kiska, a member of Alliance Defense Fund's legal counsel, is stationed in Europe. He tells OneNewsNow that Romania adopted a strong civil code enshrining traditional marriage in law. "It's defined throughout the code -- spouse as between a man and a woman," he explains. "It forbids these backdoor, so-called same-sex 'marriages' where Romanian citizens or foreigners come into the country and ask that their marriage be recognized by the country. It also does the same with civil unions."

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Peter Fogarty said...

Romania is a super religious country with very traditional views - I was not even allowed to hold a baby (and I was the God father) in a Romanian church as I was not Orthodox - the Gay march here had more police than walkers on it! It is a tough place to be Gay!