Saturday, January 05, 2008

Huge Rally Held for Marriage in Madrid

"Tens of thousands" rallied in Madrid in favor of traditional marriage.

Tens of thousands of Spaniards filled downtown Madrid Sunday in a rally called to defend family values in a country where the Socialist government has angered the Roman Catholic church by legalizing gay marriage and making it easier for couples to divorce.
The crowd roared when Pope Benedict XVI appeared on giant television screens in a live hookup from St. Peter's Square and praised them for holding the event.

My speech at the Acton Institute this past week actually dealt with the fact that Socialists around the world have made dismantling the family a central part of their agenda. Engels argued way back in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State that monogamy is the original class struggle, with the man as the bougeois and the woman as the proletariat. After my speech, someone in the audience pointed out that the Spanish Socialist party had pretty much left the economy alone. There isn't much political payoff in blowing up the economy. But the Socialists have made changes in marriage among their first and highest priorities. Hence this opposition rally by the proponents of marriage as one man, one woman, for life.
A video of my talk is available at the Acton site.


Charlotte Robinson said...

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The truth will set them free…

Anonymous said...

Tens of thousands filled downtown^^

Since it's in your favor, I guess that makes it a 'rally', rather than a 'mob' or 'horde'?

And the Pope praised them! Well, sounds great and all, but...
Did Spain change anything? Is there any evidence that Spain is -going- to change anything?

Well, if Spain -doesn't- change its stance, as I expect it won't...
sounds like tens out thousands of Spaniards will have wasted their breath.
But there's always the chance that Spain -will- change its stance on marriage, namely by de-legalizing gay marriage.
I wonder who'll be rallying in downtown Madrid if that happens^^