Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Me at Notre Dame Law School

I just gave a lecture for the Federalist Society at Notre Dame Law School. "It Takes a Family to Raise a Village," lays out the basic argument of Love and Economics: without the family, you don't even have a village in the first place. I offer a free-market, family friendly alternative to the Marxist-driven-career-above-all-style feminist model. The talk was based in part on this lecture I gave for ISI at UCLA.
The female students in particular seemed to like it. I spent the next 2 hours talking with them over pizza about the barriers they face to finding husbands, navigating through the shoals of the hook-up culture, paying off student loans and finally starting a family.

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LB said...

I can't speak for the law students, but I know that I'll still be paying my student loans when I'm grandmother-aged. :) Whether I ever get to be a grandmother, or even a mother, is another question of course.