Saturday, May 17, 2008

Check out "How to Bimbo-Proof your Daugher."

This is an interesting article on how to keep your teenage daughter from becoming like her celebrity "role models." Find it here. There are several good tips here, and I wholeheartedly agree up to the point at the end stating you don't have to "burn every Playboy in your husband’s stash." Uum, yeah you do! Why would you marry someone with a porn obsession in the first place? I agree with the author's assertion that you wouldn't want your daughter to come across that stash. But also ask yourself, would you want your daughter to marry someone who has such a collection? No? Then why did you?

I find particulary rewarding this readers comments:

"That doesn’t mean you have to burn every Playboy in your husband’s stash. But you might do well asking him to consider how he’d feel if his daughter found a copy."
And therein lies the problem. My recommendation: burn them. Don't ask, just burn--and expect more.
As a husband, and father of two sons and two daughters, I suggest wives ask more from your husbands, and husbands, expect more from yourselves.
I can ask my son to respect women, or I can show him how--and that begins with respecting my wife and not allowing another woman, printed, painted or otherwise in my home or bedroom. My daughters see--and comment--on my exacting standards, and already expects as much, or more, from whomever they marry.
And to all the naysayers out there:
No, I'm not a Puritan
Yes, I appreciate fine art and the female form
Yes, my wife is the love of my life
No, I don't have a secret stash of porn
No, I'm not lying
Yes, I'm straight

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To read more on the dangers of porn, read Dr. J's review of the book Pornified here.

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