Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Southern Californians, Come Support Marriage!

Time for the Grassroots to Hit the Pavement!

This Thursday, October 2nd, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse will be in Los Angeles for the Judiciary Committee hearing on Proposition 8. Dr. J will testify on why California's Same Sex Marriage ruling needs to be overturned. She'll be at the Ronald Reagan Building auditorium, 300 South Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles from 10AM to 12:30 PM.

Southern Californians, here's your chance to stand up and be counted--for marriage!

Civics classes, homeschool families, come for a real world look at the political process. We need you there!

Posted by Betsy


Anonymous said...

Jenny, you are a reall disappointment to your old libertarian friends. I am ashamed to have call you a friend at one time. I won't make that mistake again. You are a socialist of the soul, a statist who wants private issues regulated to satisfy your religious values, as you adopted them for whatever reason.

Jennifer Roback Morse said...

Old Friend, whomever you may be:
I am just as much an opponent of large intrusive government as I was back when I knew you through the Libertarian Party. In those days, being in favor of gay rights meant leaving gay people to do what they wanted in private. But favoring gay rights no longer means that. Now, it is the gay lobby that insists on using the state to create the kind of society they want, no matter how intrusive it might be to other people. It is the gay lobby that is suing people who disagree with them. The gay lobby seeks new and more intrusive reasons for suing people, hauling them up in front of a Human Rights commission, or otherwise legally harrassing them. See my article here: http://www.jennifer-roback-morse.com/articles/Same_Sex_Marriage.html for an analysis of why I think the drive for same sex marriage will necessarily lead to more intrusive government, not less.
Here in California, the Supreme Court's decision that created same sex marriage actually moved sexual orientation into a VERY protected class. In any confrontation between religious liberty and sexual orientation, religious liberty will necessarily lose. That sounds more like "socialism of the soul" and "statism" than anything coming from people of faith.
I don't hear very many voices from the Libertarian gay community protesting the legal harrassment of anyone who resists the demand for not just tolerance, but affirmation. If more gay libertarians were more outspoken against some of this statism, we would be in a much better world.