Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 Minute Clip on Voting in 2008

This is a great commercial that puts voting into prospective for all of us. It is important to prioritize the issues in the upcoming election! The protection of life, family and faith must be at the forefront. Please add your comments about this clip.

It can also be found here:


StarBittrune said...

This is outstanding. Economics, energy, and the environment cannot take precedence over life and family. The message of the video applies to Protestants and Catholics alike, but Catholics have the advantage of a clear, established, and authoritative position on these issues that is not open to individual interpretation. The Church is not "undecided" on the issue of life as Nancy Pelosi claimed. Catholics are called specifically and unequivocally to put these foundational issues before all others. Thank you for posting this link. I've passed it on to many more Christians I know.

Anonymous said...

What an awesome, moving video. It was so poignant and well put together. Bravo and a big thank you to those who made it. I think we should all spread it around to everyone we know. Fight the good fight!