Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vote Yes on Prop 8 Videos

Here's a good collection of well-made videos in support of Prop 8. Check them out, pass them around, and comment!



http://www.ivotevalues.org/ (Check out the gay agenda one.)

More resources: http://www.protectmarriageca.com/protectmarriage/other_resources


mgarelick said...

A couple of quick comments on the three major themes represented by these videos:
1. "Proposition 8 serves the interests of children:" There are, and will be, children growing up in households headed by same-sex couples. Isn't it in the interests of these children for the couple to be married?
2. "Judicial activism:" What is the role of the judiciary regarding the constitutional right to equal protection? Isn't it the very purpose of such a constitutional right to limit majority rule?
3. "Gay agenda in schools:" There are, and will be, children in kindergarten whose households are headed by same-sex couples. When their classmates notice them, isn't it better for them to have heard about that kind of relationship? (Knowing about same-sex marriage does not entail knowing about same-sex sex, any more than knowing about heterosexual marriage entails knowing about heterosexual sex.) Does anyone think it appropriate to teach their 5-year-old children to shun playmates who have same-sex parents (using "parents" in the sociological, not biological, sense)?

Anonymous said...

I've read studies done in countries where ssm is legal that say same sex couples are more promiscuous than hetero couples. Therefore, there is likely to be more divorce among ss couples. Divorce is not good for children.

Also, ss couples have higher rates of spousal abuse. It would stand to reason that that abuse would transfer to the children. And even if it didn't, that's still a child who would need therapy and to be in a different home.

I would prefer my children to not know about ss relationships. If they had a friend with two mommies, I would prefer them to think that one is the mommy (which is often the case) and one is the mom's friend who gets the honorary title of mommy. I do not want my children to know about homosexual lifestyles until they are older. I wouldn't want them to shun those kids, but I'd also be wary of them going to the friend's house.

Plus, there's another article posted on here that says gayness, if I may use that word, is a result of environment, not heredity. Those around gayness are more likely to become gay--duh. So why expose children to it unnecessarily? It would only lead to the possibility of the things I mentioned above.

Bottom line, children have the best shot of a happy healthy childhood, leading to healthy productive lives and relationships when they are raised by a biological mother and father married to each other. Studies have proven this, and I don't know how anyone could sanely dispute that. Why tout situations that are far more likely to disturb and confuse defenseless children?

One last thing, France, as permissive as it is, did a long-term study and determined that it would NOT legalize ssm primarily because it is not in the best interest of children. I never thought I'd say this, but we should take a cue from the French!

Peter Hoh said...

I'm all for the permanence of marriage, which the first video invoked, but I see no connection between Prop 8 and the idea of lifelong marriage.

Jamie Gruber said...

I think you have missed the point mgarelick. If Prop 8 is passed it will cut down on children growing up in Same Sex households. The goal is to give children the greatest possibility for well-rounded life: one mom and one dad will provide this. The bottom line: children in SSM have are being deprived of at least one type of parent mother or father. You cannot replace either.