Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When is a Woman Not a Woman?

The medical profession has come up with a solution to the ultimate "women's problem." something that will literally, make us just like one of the guys. A pill that eliminates our periods. This pill, which is expecting FDA approval soon, is a form of contraception.
What is "feminist" about something that removes everything distinctive about being a woman?

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Mystical Wife said...

"Still, since the advent of oral contraceptives in 1960, birth control pills typically have been designed to mimic the natural 28-day menstrual cycle to assure women using the pill that their bodies were functioning normally. The pills are usually packaged as regimens of 21 days of hormone pills and 7 inactive pills. The interruption of hormone therapy during the inactive part of the regimen induces bleeding that resembles a mild period but is, in fact, caused by unstable hormone levels."

I never knew this. When I went to the county health clinic to get birth control pills, they gave me the impression that everything would work the same as it would normally, but with no egg. I never knew the "period" was just a reaction to unstable hormones. I thought my body was still going through a regular cycle of building up the uterine lining and shedding it, with the only difference being the lack of an egg release. If I had known the truth, I'm sure I would have thought about contraception differently.