Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Re: Three Stages of a Man's Life

Ok, folks in the comments section. These photos are meant to be funny. They represent the thought that men get tamed by their wives once they get married, and that men get fleeced by divorce. I'm not saying I condone henpecking or fleecing. I thought the photos were more pro-male, a commiseration with the sad state that too many men find themselves in.
So sorry my joyless commentators missed the joke.
While I appreciate my readers' concern for my sex life, I'm afraid that some ofyour comments were not appropriate. I had to delete them.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Morse, I'm the president of Iowans for L.I.F.E., which is an affiliate of the American Life League. I would like your permission to post on our website your article on Planned Parenthood's
"comprehensive sex-ed" that was recently on ALL's Wednesday STOPP report, and future articles or blogs of yours that are in line with our pro-life views.
Sincerely, Sally Proctor at, or