Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who Killed Malachi?

My latest on NRO, tells of a child killed in foster care. The little boy was eminently adoptable, but had been in foster care for all of his two years. What would it take for a parent's rights to be terminated? I have had an interesting e-mail dialogue on this point with a couple of correspondents. More later.
The whole sad story about this child's death is here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi...I am Malachi's Mother Keshia Roberts...I typed my sons name in on google and a lot of stuff has been comming up...I have read everybodys comments...I myself am still in foster care...Yes I got pregnant at a young age but I took care of my son the best way I could...I have been in foster care since birth...I would have never left my son if I didnt think he was safe...I must have thought wrong... You cannot point the finger at me calling me a bad parent because the fact of the matter is Malachi was killed by Linda Coleman in which the state said she was a licensed foster home and able to take care of children...Do not for one minute take you attention off of Linda Coleman.... Everybody could have done something to prevent this...but did anybody including myself? If you have any more comments and/or questions email me