Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alienation of Affection

Most people don't even know what "Alienation of Affection" means. It is a civil offense which says that if you woo somebody's spouse away, you have done them a wrong and you owe them.
An old statute of that sort was used in this case. A successful businessman impregnated one of his employees. When she divorced her husband, (who was a plumber) he sued the businessman and obtained $750,000 in damages.
The significance of this kind of case:
Marriage is a serious vow.
Violation of the marriage vow inflicts harms on the innocent spouse and
The state recognizes those harms and insists the perpetrator make restitution.
The threat of being held accountable presumably will provide an incentive for better marital behavior.


Anonymous said...


I've honestly never heard of Alienation of Affection, but I think it sounds like a marvelous idea.
I hope it continues to be used in the future^^

Anonymous said...

Thank God for people like you!! Keep up the great work in fighting for marriage and what should be RIGHT in America!!