Saturday, January 12, 2008

Comment on Teen Pregnancy

Dear Readers,
I received a comment on my post Sex Ed Failing to Stop Teen Pregnancy. I deleted one comment that was very similar to this one, but used more swearing. I would be very interested in my readers' response to this writer's comment. I will leave the comment up for a week. After that, I will take it down, since it is more vulgar than I think is appropriate.


Anonymous said...

It was pretty mean of her to say that, sure.

... but it's -really- immature for you to be stooping to her level^^;

"this person used cuss words in her post! I think you should all give her a piece of your minds."

Umm, let it go?

VP said...

I admire your blog because your posts don't pull their punches but also do not deal in snide put-downs. This combination is rare because people either tone down their message in the face of nastiness, or are nudged into retaliatory snide remarks which are then termed "edgy."

It's probably worthwhile for readers to know such comments exist, but they don't contribute anything to the discussion that is worthy of long-term preservation. A good debate - someone who used evidence or logic to call something into question - that would be different.

Just my two cents.

Jennifer Roback Morse said...

Actually, Rea, I don't take the comments personally. I think it is instructive for people to realize how the "other half lives," so to speak.

Anonymous said...

This is with reference to Teen Pregnancy. In the west teen pregnancy is common. I am against teen pregnancy because for teens its not proper at that time. They should concentrate on on their education rather involving in pregnancy.