Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Contraception and NFP

Here's an email I received that I felt blog-worthy. Check it out and post your comments.

There has been a lively discussion on contraception and NFP in
response to a Rosemary Reuther piece in (where else?) the
New York Times.

I felt that I had to write something because, when I first read the
article, not one person had commented at all. By the time I
scrambled something together and posted it, there were over
a dozen comments (almost all better than mine) -- and they
keep streaming in.

Now I think everyone should read the article and, especially,
the comments which a friend (and convert) described as
"surprising and wonderful".

Take a look -- and spread the word.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff! My wife and I recently decided to switch to NFP for moral as well as health reasons. Of course, now everyone is watching us to see how effective it is. :o)

More on our path to NFP here: