Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Go Jayhawks!

Congratulations to the University of Kansas Jayhawks, Winner of the 2008 NCAA basketball championship!

I visited the University of Kansas last fall, and the students gave me this T-shirt. Naturally, I have been enjoying wearing it, throughout Kansas' great football season, and even greater basketball season! I love the pugnacious but pleasant little Jayhawk! And, I love following a winning team.

Could Dr J's support have been the Kansas Secret Weapon that brought their first championship in decades? Why take a chance! Invite Dr J to your school.

So, students, make plans now to invite Dr J to your college next fall. Federalist Society chapters, student pro-life clubs, chastity clubs, College Republicans, Newman Centers, get a jump on your speaker schedule for the next academic year. E-mail Dr J at:

I visited UCLA last year too. But they didn't give me a T- shirt. Cause and Effect? Or mere coincidence? We report. You decide.

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