Thursday, September 10, 2009

Damage control for teens of divorce

Mark Gregston
When parents split up, it can cause a number of problems in the life of their children; especially if the children are in the pre-teen or teen years. I would never say divorce is responsible for every problem for the kids from split families who come to our teen-counseling program at Heartlight, but it is a major factor for many. Divorce piles on emotional problems for a teen a little higher than there would normally be for an already emotional adolescent.

While there is no real way to fix the problems that divorce can bring into a teen's life, there are ways to do damage control to help them through one of the most painful experiences they will ever encounter. Since half of all marriages end on divorce, I thought it may be helpful to provide a few ways for the parents to address the after-effects of divorce on a teenager. It can help them better deal with the hand they were dealt.

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Yani @ Turning Winds said...

Parents going through a divorce has the responsibility of making sure their kids understand why they are in that situation and should still definitely try their best to raise their kids with the love that they deserved - even if it means they should be apart.
It is also important for the kids to see their parents be friends with each other after the separation. The kids will likely realize that maybe it was best this way than choosing to live with a complete family who's parents always fight because of constant misunderstandings.
Thank you for this informative post!