Friday, September 04, 2009

Great comment on "My Sister's Keeper"

Approximately 90% of all parents who learn their child will have Down Syndrome choose to abort, with the help of their closed-minded (and, in many cases, ignorant) doctors. With new testing, we will likely have even fewer of these special children and adults in our midst, just as we are beginning to learn how much they can experience and accomplish with proper support.

As a parent, I am aware of all the love and joy these kids bring to our lives and theirs. Its sad to see science playing God, whether its choosing who's worthy to live or using and abusing others for personal gain or life enhancement. Its sadder still that we let them!

Thanks for all you do to keep us aware and on guard.

-A Reader


Unknown said...

Another issue raised by "My Sister's Keeper"--when I was doing research on the movie, I actually came across a review that claimed the parents must be PRO-LIFE because they wanted Kate to live at all costs. I had the opposite conclusion--the viewpoint that parents control what happens to their child's body is solidly pro-"choice." Just something to be aware of...

Michael said...

Ravi Zacharias points out that if God is dead, someone has to take his place. The fatal problem becomes that whenever people in power take His place, millions of innocent people meet an untimely demise. This has been particularly acute with the unborn.