Monday, November 03, 2008

The final Prop 8 video from John Paul the Great Catholic University.

America is at a crucial juncture.

Prop 8 really comes down to what is right and wrong concerning marriage. Tuesday, it will be written into law: we will either be a state that supports free religion or free sexuality. One of them will be judged as less important.

Watch this video, pass it on to your friends.

This is not an issue that anyone can remain silent on.


Wayne said...

Awesome video,

I've linked to your post from BlogWatch: Final hours to 2008 Election

San Francisco Husky Bear said...

I'm sure this comment won't make it on your blog. You are all wrong. This is not about freedom of religion vs sexual freedom. This is about you imposing your religious beliefs on the rest of us. If Prop 8 is defeated, which it should be, it will mean NO CHANGE WHATSOEVER for you. You will still be able to worship as you see fit. You will still be able to define marriage however your religion sees fit. However, if Prop 8 passes, hundreds of thousands of Californians will be officially stamped "second class citizen." There is a civil component to marriage, and a religious one. The Supreme Court ruling making same sex marriage legal does not affect the religious component in any way. Just admit you don't like gays, and don't hide behind religion or education.

Catherine said...

I thought the final question,"is sexuality more important than religious freedom?" was very powerful.