Friday, February 06, 2009

Heather has three parents

by Carolyn Moynihan

The tangled web of homosexual parenting has resulted in a Canadian court ruling that means a child could have three or four legally recognised parents. The players in the court case are a lesbian couple, a gay man (who is married to his partner), and the child born to one of the women using the man’s sperm. The man was known to the women and deliberately chosen as the donor.A contract was signed by the three adults before the child, a girl, was born in 2002, setting out his rights as a “co-parent” including regular access as well as full custody if both women were to die. It also included a promise to try for a “three-way” adoption, which was never followed through.


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Anonymous said...

Wow..and these parents probably thought and still think that there is nothing wrong with their so-called "family" situation. I feel so sad for this child, however I am glad that her father isn't backing down. Handing your child over to 2 lesbians would never be a good idea. Thanks for the story.