Thursday, February 19, 2009

San Diego firefighters win their sexual harassment suit.

San Diego city firefighters won their case: the jury awarded damages to 4 firefighters who claimed that the treatment they recieved while on-duty during the gay pride parade amounted to unlawful sexual harrassment. They were required to be there as part of their job. The behavior they were subjected to fit the definition of sexual harrassment, created at the behest of Clinton era feminists.
The four sued the city because they were ordered to drive the truck in the 90-minute parade even though firefighters in previous gay-pride parades had reported being taunted with sexual innuendoes.

The jury ruled that each of the four should receive $5,000. One should receive an additional $14,200 because he felt compelled to transfer to a different fire station after the incident, and another will receive $100 as reimbursement for a co-pay for a counseling session.

"The amount itself is not important -- the city disrespected these men and violated their rights," said their attorney, Charles LiMandri.

The Fire Department violated its own anti-sexual-harassment policy by forcing the four into the parade over their objections, the jury concluded after two days of deliberation.

BTW, attorney Charles LiMandri is a friend of the Ruth Institute.

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