Friday, February 06, 2009

How You Can Help Stop Future Intimidation

If you were among the many Prop 8 donors or volunteers who suffered any harassment or intimidation during and after the campaign to restore the definition of marriage in California, we need your help. Please send a confidential email to Sarah Troupis at the Law Offices of Bopp, Coleson, and Bostrom ( If you wish to contact her by phone, her number is 812-232-2434. has filed a lawsuit in Federal court challenging the California law requiring the disclosure of personal information of campaign donors. This law has been abused by proponents of same-sex "marriage" in an effort to discourage future public opposition. Marriage supporters will not be intimidated. However, the law must be changed before the next election.

A request for a preliminary injunction to prevent the disclosure of donors who gave between $100 and $999 since October 18 was denied. This was not unexpected (see details below). However, the judge did grant a Protection Order to prevent public disclosure of names of people who report being subjected to harassment or intimidation.

The attorneys representing us want to file as many examples of harassment as possible to demonstrate how widespread was the harassment both during and after the campaign. They have asked me to appeal for your help. The examples they are looking for not only include those related to donations, but also examples of verbal or physical abuse, threats to persons and businesses, and destruction of signs and other property. Remember, under order of the court, you can do this on a confidential basis.

For more information and updates on this matter, click here.

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Nic said...

Just remember boycotts are legal and 'verbal abuse' is next to impossible to prove given free speech rights