Monday, April 27, 2009

Miss California's Courage

from Brian Brown of National Organization for Marriage

It was, as a San Diego pastor friend of mine put it, a real "Queen Esther"
moment for Carrie [Prejean, Miss California]. Her faith was tested and she
passed with flying colors--she showed the whole world the crown that she is
really seeking, didn't she? How many others are taking inspiration from that
moment--taking renewed courage to show our convictions--to act to support

Thanks to Carrie, 20 million or more young adults who support
marriage have a new voice for their views, and a new platform to reach out to
their friends, neighbors, peers. If Miss California has the courage of her
convictions, how can they--or any of us-- stay silent any more?

By the way, far more young adults are on our side on this issue than
the media would have you believe. In California, one of the most liberal states
in the nation, 45 percent of young adults voted for Prop 8. Is it so hard to
imagine persuading another 5 to 10 percent of young people about the importance
of marriage as the union of husband and wife? Thank you, Carrie, for launching a
youth counter-revolution on marriage!

Perez Hilton, the "celebrity blogger" who asked the question, clearly
thought he would manufacture yet another gay marriage moment. Well he did, but
not in the way he thinks. Thank you Perez Hilton for giving us
Carrie Prejean.

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