Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Persistent Myths in Feminist Scholarship

"Harder to kill than a vampire." That is what the sociologist Joel Best calls a bad statistic. But, as I have discovered over the years, among false statistics the hardest of all to slay are those promoted by feminist professors. Consider what happened recently when I sent an e-mail message to the Berkeley law professor Nancy K.D. Lemon pointing out that the highly praised textbook that she edited, Domestic Violence Law (second edition, Thomson/West, 2005), contained errors.

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quiddity2001 said...

Loved this article...points out the importance of checking facts and the beauty of social networks. This is the way to break group think, introduce the fallacies with the real facts and let them be carried throughout the society at large. Instructors may actually have to do new research and deliver more worthy lectures. This dovetails nicely with the Gov. of California's idea to trash the textbooks in favor of the use of the internet and original sources.