Saturday, July 04, 2009

Robert P. George on the Struggle Over Marriage

by Ryan T. Anderson

Recently, the editor of Public Discourse sat down with Robert P. George to discuss the state of the marriage debate. While supporters of same-sex “marriage” claim that history is on their side, it turns out that supporters of traditional marriage have more reasons for hope than they may realize.

"Every time the issue is put to the people, even in deep blue states such as California and Wisconsin, conjugal marriage wins and same-sex “marriage” loses. In fact, polling often shows greater support for the re-definition of marriage prior to campaigns in which the issue is tested than at the end of such campaigns after the competing sides have made their arguments and the people render their decisions. And this is despite the fact that the advocates of re-defining marriage are extremely well-funded and well-organized and enjoy the overwhelming support of the cultural establishment. So people who oppose redefining marriage should not let themselves be railroaded by those on the other side to believe that their cause is lost and that same-sex “marriage” is inevitable. It isn’t."

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