Saturday, July 04, 2009

Same-Sex-Marriage Follies
Commentary on this article from Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage:

"New York magazine gives the National Organization for Marriage (that's you and me and thousands of other marriage supporters working together) credit for helping turn this situation around: "Meanwhile, an organized opposition was taking root. Starting in mid-May, the National Organization for Marriage, founded by pundit Maggie Gallagher, spent $600,000 on, among other things, more than 2 million robo-calls, primarily to Republicans and independents. 'The amount of political pressure it takes the Legislature to do something is a lot more than getting it to do nothing,' she said. 'I have to generate enough public pressure to get politicians to do nothing. How hard should that be?'"

We know that thanks to your help, we flooded the legislature with thousands of phone calls and emails from outraged constituents: Sen. Alesi, one of the few Republicans who hinted he might vote for the bill, admitted his office was inundated with calls. And privately state senators sent up the word: "We're with you! Take us off your list, please!" When the people speak up loud and clear, politicians sit up and notice.
Only one thing is more important to politicians in Albany than what the voters want, it seems: money."

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