Friday, January 12, 2007

If You are Considering Divorce

If You are Considering Divorce is a new feature of this blog. In my interactions with my audiences, I have heard this lament many times, "If I had known how difficult divorce was going to be, I would have worked harder at staying married." Just yesterday, I gave a talk, "The Marriage Crisis: Why it is There and Why You Should Care", at a Rotary Club in San Diego County. A man came up to me afterwards with the sad story of a friend's son whose wife has served him with divorce papers. The parents/grandparents are devastated, because they genuinely liked their son-in-law and want him as part of their family. The man in the audience wondered whether I had anything they could read that might help preserve the family.

If You are Considering Divorce is an attempt to meet that need.

The purpose of this feature is to try to give people a more realistic perspective on what divorce will mean for the quality of their lives and their family's lives. I will post items periodically under this heading. Please send people who are considering divorce to browse this site. Invite them to have an open mind, and consider the information carefully.

I welcome your input into this feature.
Dr J

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