Saturday, January 20, 2007

Now You Tell Us...

that condoms are not particularly effective at preventing the spread of some Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Here is Dr. Richard Schlegel, responding to questions in an on-line forum about the vaccine for HPV. Dr. Schlegel was involved in developing the vaccine.

Washington, D.C.: About two years ago, I found out I had HPV and then had to
have surgery to remove pre-cancerous cells. I had only been with two partners in
my lifetime, and always used condoms.
So even if you are responsible, you can contract HPV. While I was lucky and no longer have HPV, it was an extremely difficult time for me, very scary experience. I'll make sure my children receive the vaccine.
Dr. Richard Schlegel: Unfortunately, condoms are not particularly effective in preventing the transmission of HPV. The virus is found in genital cells not covered by the condom.

And they say that abstinence is not practical....

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