Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Why Women Can't Find Husbands

One of my correspondents had some insights into why so many professional women have difficulty finding husbands.
I'm a veterinarian and before I retired, I was a manager in clinical research for a large pharmaceutical company. So most of the women I worked with were highly educated professionals, many with multiple doctorate degrees (DVM, PhD., etc). I never saw so many unhappy women in my life. Believe it or not I'm kind of a sympathetic fella and at least twice a week I would have a single, frustrated woman in my office wondering why she could not find a suitable man. You're right about many men wanting sex on their first or second "date". But it's more amazing, at least to me, how many women are agreeable (totally hearsay, I assure you). After a couple of dates they would be taking weekend vacations together, with their newfound beau, for sking trips or some such. The relationship would typically last a month or two and then on to another.

These observations are consistent with my hypothesis in Smart Sex: finding lifelong love in a Hook-up World. Our sexual practices prior to marriage are sabotaging our attempts to get married and stay married.

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