Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Is Feminism Finished? Re-Axs

More reactions:

Superb piece. We men are awfully wimpy when it comes to standing up for ourselves and especially when it comes to taking on radical feminists as it generally isn't considered manly to compete with or verbally "attack" a woman. We need to be more assertive and will need women as yourself, Christina Hoff-Sommers, Camille Paglia, and others to assist as no man relishes being called a "patriarchal sexist misogynist" looking to keep women "barefoot and pregnant." makes us into that 'strong silent' type that creates the vacuum fomenting the, IMO, anti male climate destructive to both women looking for quality men and men trying to be quality.

Me: this is particularly interesting b/c of something my friend Warren Farrell points out: men have a tendency to want to protect women, not fight with them. Personally, I think this is in-born. But the fact is that men are very reluctant to fight with women, and in fact are very vulnerable to crying women. Case in point: Larry Summers. In his time as Number 1 and Number 2 man at the Dept of Treasury, he didn't blink in the face of a possible meltdown of the world currency system. But as President of Harvard, one hysterical woman faked a fainting spell, and he collapsed.

Men are capable of heroic loyalty in the defense of those weaker than themselves. IMO, the tragedy is that no one asks this of men any more. We have labelled them as selfish beasts, sexual predators and bumbling louts. Neither men nor women really appreciate men's distinctive virtues any longer.


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your articles for two years now. At nearly 51 years of Age. Twice Married, Grandfather, Divorced Non-Custodial Father. My advice to my Sons. Don't Marry in the US, don't have children. It pains me to say this.

The system is so imbalanced in Women's favor. With no sanctions on their ending Marriages. For all intent and purposes only Men truly believe in Marriage anymore. It is a sucker's bet.

Until the Laws and Attitudes of Women change substantially Men are foolish to tie the knot. They might as well be making their own, Hangman's Noose. The odds are so skewed against them. And I myself have married twice. But Women hold all the cards. Their is no equity anymore.

Women are increasingly Unreasonable and unrealistic about Marriage and Men. Feminism has so skewed their thinking, and entitlement mentality. It is an Adhesion contract today. No Civil Court would enforce such a one sided and unfair agreement. Where the party breaking the contract is rewarded for doing so.

Jennifer Roback Morse said...

Dear Mr. Anon,
Your comment touches me. I have heard MANY stories of this kind, believe me.
Tell me what you mean by an "adhesion contract." I am not an attorney, and probably most of my readers aren't either.
Dr J