Monday, June 04, 2007

Children without Sex

The inventor of the Pill looks forward to the day when women can routinely harvest and freeze their eggs in their twenties and thaw them to have children later in life. Two problems with this: first, we are structuring the woman's reproductive life around the economic system, instead of structuring the economic system around the woman's fertility.
Carl Djerassi believes putting eggs on ice will have benefits to the health of "babies born to older mothers".

Biologically, the ideal age to have a child would be 18-20, after which the woman could go to university and have a career.

"In those circumstances, society would have to make arrangements for childcare, which it is does not do, so women are waiting till their careers are established and they can afford good childcare," he says.

"The problem with this is that the moment a woman hits 35 the risk of her having a child with Down’s syndrome increases four to six times.

"At that age she has lost 90-95 percent of her eggs, and those that are left are ageing rapidly. Storing her eggs is her insurance policy against the future. I think you will get the odd woman of 60 or 70 who will decide to have a baby, but most will be in their 30s and 40s."

He admits that the healthiest thing for the woman is to have her children in her twenties, but dismisses that as impossible. We could make it possible for women to get married, stay married, have kids early and return to the labor force. Why not make that a priority? There is much more involved than "providing childcare."
The second problem is that Babies without Sex really and truly means Babies without Relationships. Having babies without sex is a counter-intuitive twist: It's a little bit like skipping dessert and going straight for the brussels sprouts. But the real thing we are avoiding is relationship: normalizing non-sexual procreation amounts to a final and complete retreat from the spousal relationship and the ultimate marginalization of men from the family.
The advocates of contraception have never been willing to take responsibility for the destruction to human relationships that their methods have ushered into society. The claims of this 83 year old enabler of the Sexual Revolution sound almost comically naive:
"There are so many unwanted children in the world," he says.
"This would be a way of helping to reduce the number of unwanted children. Every child born to a woman who has taken a conscious decision to have a child at that time would be wanted and loved and properly cared for.

Can any serious person claim that there are no longer unwanted children today, or even that there are fewer "unwanted" children today than there were prior to the Pill? Can any serious person claim that child abuse has been reduced? This man is dreaming.

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