Monday, June 11, 2007

Single Mothers by Choice: Re-Ax

Reactions to last week's Single Mothers by Choice:
Dr Morse--

You are truly engaged in a labor of love. I have lost my confidence, totally, in a substantial percentage of American women, who have taken leave of their sense while engaging in a very suffocating kind of narcissism.

Stupidity is not the smallest of their character defects. When people try to help them, they are ungrateful -- even resentful. I'll never be able to figure that out, except for the fact that to me, it is indicative of an underlying low self worth that has almost no bottom and no end.

Sometimes, when people are bound and determined to travel the road to hell by the fastest conveyance they can get, all one can do is stand aside and let them go. It took me 20 years to let go of (and also stop blaming myself) for my ex-wife's vainglories. She's now 65 years old and has never been more full of herself than she is today. I was by no means blameless in the damage to our relationship, but I do have the ability to recognize when I'm wrong and can admit it.

You are right: It is a labor of love.

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