Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Single Mothers by Choice

My latest article was published by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, which is a Focus on the Family affiliate. My article is called, "Single Mothers by Choice" and begins on pg 20 of the magazine. The subtitle gives it away: "A valid lifestyle choice, or another example of dumb sex?" Especially noteworthy is the sidebar, which draws on David Blankenhorn's new book, The Future of Marriage. Family scholar Paul Amato of Penn, did a calculation, asking what the world would be like for adolescents today if the rate of married parenthood were the same as it was in 1970. Not the Dreaded Ozzie and Harriett 1950's (que up scary music), but the beginning of the groovy 1970's. Amato calculates there would
643,oo fewer American adolescents failing a grade each year.
over a million fewer adolescents suspended from school,
453,000 fewer involved in violence
62,000 fewer youth would attempt suicide.
Putting the percentage of kids living with their two married parents back to 1970 is not a utopian pipedream: it would require an increase of about 9 percentage points.
Let us not give up.


Anonymous said...

Great article, ma'am.(Like your other posts at

And just yesterday I read this horrible story:

A woman so selfish that she wants a child for herself, that she ignores the child's need for a father.

Here is her comment:

I have been out with both beta and alpha males and have to say that I found myself frustrated and unfulfilled with the beta variety. I don't think it's an issue of money, rather than a shared vision of how you want your life to be and having the drive to bring it about. The beta men, in my experience, seemed complacent and happy to settle for a mundane existance which I found stultifying. When going out with alpha males I've felt completely fulfilled. I have respected them and this was what made the real difference. Unfortunately for me, none of my alpha relationships led to children which was something I really desired. Knowing that to have kids with a beta male would be total disaster I have had, in my 40's, a child on my own using donor sperm and am really happy with my decision. I will continue to hold out for an alpha male as a life partner.

- Jh, London

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Feminism taught women to be independent of men - however women confused independence with loneliness - like this woman - no man is good enough for her and there is no father for her child.

Anonymous said...

I am SMC and I am proud of my decision. I don't understand the comment about single mom's taking their children to daycare, do married women not take their children to daycare? I take GREAT care of my child! To me is sounds like quite a bit of envy going on. Don't hate on women who can take on the challenge of being a single parent and be great at it.