Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gender Jumble on National Review

The powerful California gay rights lobby has passed a bill regulating the content of public school curriculum, requiring that it not "reflect adversely" on persons based on sexual orientation or sexual identity. I illustrate how this will amount to a huge power grab by the state in my latest article.

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Cathy N said...

Kudos for speaking the truth. I just wanted to add my two cents about "children
with same-sex attraction." It's my understanding that ALL children are initially (during school years, anyway) more attracted to the same sex. That is a normal and natural part of learning to identify with one's own sex. It's only later (say about 10 years old or more) when children first start becoming attracted to the opposite sex. For some (and I was one myself), it takes much longer to be attracted to the opposite sex. This means that children, such as the 9-year-old son of an aquaintance of mine, will be confused by learning about "gays" and "lesbians," and falsely learn to identify themselves as such.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi (www.narth.com), who has successfully counseled hundreds of men with unwanted same-sex attraction, believes that all people are heterosexual, and the drive to act out sexually in a homosexual way is actually a reparative drive to identify with one's own native sexuality.