Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Gender Matters Even More

A Spanish Cardinal agrees with us that today's gender ideology is a revolt against our biological nature:
Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid said this week that gender ideology and the laws inspired by it, such as those condoning so-called gay marriage, are an expression of “man’s rebellion against his biological limits.”

The cardinal’s comments are included in a new book entitled, “Interviews With Twelve Spanish Bishops,” by Isidro Catela. Sales from the book will be donated to pastoral work in Kenya.

Cardinal Rouco said the law on homosexual marriage “is a modern version of the desire to be like God the Creator and not his creatures, to not accept his law, which reveals the fundamental goods of man and of society and, therefore, guarantees the dignity, freedom and equality of mankind better than any human construct that is outside it,” he added.

The cardinal noted that human laws need not coincide to the letter with the moral law, but they must protect fundamental concepts “without which society cannot subsist.”

Gender differentiation is a part of our nature as embodied creatures. Male and female is who we are. The handful of exceptions of people with ambiguous gender should not be used as leverage to jettison the entire concept of gender from society.

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