Thursday, June 05, 2008

Marriage is Not a Wedge Issue

I introduced my readers to David Benkof a few days ago. I am liking David Benkof more and more all the time.
Despite the paranoia of "marriage-equality" advocates, ballot initiatives to enshrine man-woman marriage in state constitutions are not a political ploy to win elections. They are the only logical response to the constitutional lawsuits funded by the gay and lesbian community that threaten to impose the gay community's definition of marriage on the vast majority of Americans who prefer the traditional definition of marriage.

If the opponents of these ballot measures really do believe they are more about presidential politics than marriage, let me offer a compromise, which I am certain I can convince my fellow supporters of traditional marriage to accept. If the gay-marriage movement will pursue no lawsuits to redefine marriage in 2011 and 2012, defenders of traditional marriage will support no ballot measures protecting man-woman marriage in the 2012 presidential election.

If that compromise is unsatisfactory, then I'd at least appreciate not being accused of ulterior political motives when I and others like me simply react to the gay community's lawsuits that threaten our vision of the key institution in a healthy society.

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David Benkof said...


I like you too. I've got a new blog post up at about whether a lesbian can be a good father that you and your readers might find interesting. In my experience, both sides of the same-sex parenting debate talk right past each other and same-sex adoption advocates really, really don't understand what we mean when we say a child deserves both a mother and a father. I'm trying to address that, but it's slow going. Keep up the good work!