Thursday, June 05, 2008

Maggie Gallagher on The Texas Polygamy Case

I really like Maggie's article today on the Texas Polygamy Case. I too, have been scratching my head over this case. I am totally against polygamy. I consider our modern advocates of polygamy, whoops, I mean, polyandry, to be completely naive. Group marriage will not evolve into some glorified Marin County, hippie love-fest. It will be an exploitive mess with major social spillovers.
Having said that, there is something deeply troubling about the mass round-up of children from their mothers in this case. If polygamy is a crime, arrest the fathers and put them in jail. Don't separate the kids from their mothers.
That's just my take on it. Read Maggie's here.

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LB said...

I think you mean that "polyamory" is the modern version of polygamy.