Thursday, January 22, 2009

Co-ed dorms an issue in Idaho

Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - 1/22/2009

Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance says the exposure of a co-ed housing plan is touching nerves. The University of Idaho is planning to launch co-ed dorm rooms this Fall, and then allow for co-ed bedrooms by special request. Fischer informed state lawmakers of the change in the university's housing policy, resulting in what he says was quite a bit of agitation among Idaho legislators over the new policy.



Euripides said...

What useful purpose do coed dorms fulfill? I can't even see a money angle in this.

thejournalistachronicle said...

Co-ed bedrooms available upon request? This is crazy!!! It sounds like this school is in cahoots with Planned Parenthood. If students want to shack-up, they can do it off campus. I think it's highly inappropriate for a university to be promoting the downfall of morality in society among America's youth. Are they trying to attract more students or what?