Friday, January 16, 2009

World Meeting of Families address

"The Family Provides Ample Homework on the Give and Take of Love"

MEXICO CITY, JAN. 14, 2008 ( Here is the conference Helen Alvaré, law professor at George Mason University, gave today at the 6th World Meeting of Families, being held through Sunday in Mexico City.

"The Family and the Values of Human Life"
In 1995, in his encyclical "Evangelium Vitae," Our Holy Father John Paul II wrote that you and I are the "people of life because God, in his unconditional love, has given us the Gospel of life, and by this same Gospel we have been transformed and saved." (EV 79) Over the last 40 years in particular, several of our beloved modern popes have repeatedly urged Catholics to understand themselves as created with a call, an orientation to revere life itself, to guard it, from the moment of its first conception unto natural death.


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