Thursday, March 19, 2009

New job for laid-off moms: stay-at-home motherhood

Jocelyn Noveck - Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Soon after New Yorker Geralyn Lucas was laid off from her television job in January, she took her two-year-old son to the playroom of her apartment building. She realized she had never been there before. Within minutes she had inadvertently broken all the cleanliness rules. "I wore shoes," confesses Lucas, 41. "I brought food. I changed his diaper. I didn't know those things weren't allowed."

When she took Hayden to his playgroup at a toddler center, she had to ask the little boy for directions to his class. And when she went to the pediatrician's office, the nurses were so used to seeing the nanny that they didn't recognize Lucas.

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FJ said...

A great idea. One good thing to come out of what will surely be a continuing and ugly economic collapse, is that, hopefully, parents realize:

- day care is too expensive
- why would you want a stranger raising your kids anyway?
- one income with no day care, is the same as two incomes while paying for full time day care - and if your incomes are both that high, maybe you need to give up some of your lifestyle and focus on your kids instead of raking in cash to support a huge house, two expensive cars, and trips away from your children?

If you go to, you'll see me - Frank Azzurro - and you can click there and follow the links to the Family & Parenting blog. Hopefully you like what you see :) You deal more in social issues and I'm a first-time parent and am dealing more with lifestyle changes for upcoming parenthood, but I still like what you have to say!