Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pastor Goes to Jail for Offering Abortion Alternatives

Rev. Walter Hoye of Berkeley, California, has been ordered to serve 30 days in jail for unlawfully approaching two persons entering an abortion facility in Oakland. See LifeSite News. Judge Stuart Hing of the Alameda Superior Court had ordered Rev. Hoye to stay one hundred yards away from the abortion facility for three years, but Hoye refused to accept this term of his probation. Because of his refusal, the judge denied a motion by the defense to stay the sentence pending appeal, and Mr. Hoye was taken into custody from the courtroom.


Martha said...

This is the sacrifice that we have to make if we are to serve Jesus faithfully.

Victor said...

Funny, and you were just in front of a whole room of law students. Now, it seems like you're condoning this pastor's behavior, which is clearly occurring in contempt of court.

Betsy said...

Victor, Dr. Morse did not write this article. If you click the link to continue the article, you'll see that it was written by somebody else. I'm the one who posts most of the articles because I think they may be of interest to our readers. They are usually not written by Dr. Morse. She does write a lot, but not this much!