Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Speaking of Maggie Gallagher

She is having a 'discussion' here, with Deroy Murdock over at The Corner at National Review. Deroy got mad because no one on our side is sufficiently incensed over an adultery-promoting website. Therefore, we aren't serious about marriage: our opposition to same sex marriage is suspect because if we really cared about marriage, we'd be railing against this website he found.
The argument is kind of silly, as Maggie said. She has been fighting to strengthen marriage for years. AS far as I know, she was the first person to see the full implications of no-fault divorce, back in her book The Abolition of Marriage No fault basically removed the state from enforcing the most basic terms of the marriage contract, and that it cause enormous hardship, especially to children.
Back in 2001, when I first published Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village, Streetfighter Edition
people would sometimes ask me about same sex marriage, a topic that I did not mention at all in that book. I would usually say, "I don't deal with same sex marriage. My job is to straighten out the straight people, and that is a full-time job," and then move on. The truth is that there are so many affronts to marriage, that one really can't keep up with all of them, especially if we are to be held to the standard of commenting on each and every outrage.
So,I would just like to point out that my most recent article is entitled The Superstition of Divorce.
Take That, Deroy!

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