Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where Dr J Has Been: MN

While I was in Minneapolis, I addressed about 300 high school students and their parents at Providence Academy, on the topic of Smart Sex. Principal Dr. Todd Flanders said my presentation struck just the right tone of academic credibility, along with edginess. I always benefit from interaction with my audiences, but the Providence parents were exceptional. One mom was a doctor, and shared that she often sees young patients who are either pregnant or have STD’s. She always begins by apologizing to them. “My generation lied to you when we told you that you could have sex without consequences. I’m sorry.”

Another Providence Academy mom told us the most poignant story I’ve heard in a long time. This very fashionable, obviously well-educated woman shared that she was the only one of her college circle of friends who got married and had a child. All her friends focused the energies solely on making money. When she visits them, they fawn over her son. These friends live in gorgeous apartments in Manhattan, which are decorated with photos of her child. They know they have missed something of value, something their money will never be able to replace.

In my last update, I told you about meeting Rev. Walter Hoye, an African-American pastor in Oakland. Rev. Hoye has become a symbol of the assault on free speech from the abortion lobby. He stood on a public sidewalk outside an abortion clinic, trying to talk with women as they entered. Rev Hoye did nothing violent or intimidating. Yet he was sentenced last week. We gave an update of his case on the blog.

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