Thursday, April 02, 2009

Demographic winter heralds same-sex marriage spring

Jennifer Roback Morse

The New England region is a sitting duck for the further de-construction of marriage.

I would not like to be the governor of Vermont right now. But I must say the man who has the job is showing a lot of backbone in the face of a legislature on the brink of legalizing same-sex marriage. Vermont has had civil unions since 2000. This legal status for same sex couples is now deemed to be inadequate, which supposedly accounts for the decline in the number of civil unions. In 2001, the state granted 1,876 civil unions, compared with only 262 last year. The Vermont Senate has already approved the Freedom to Marry bill and Democrats in the House say they will vote for it on Friday. But Gov Jim Douglas says he will veto the measure if passed.

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Betsy said...

Michael Cook, editor wrote: "Jennifer Roback Morse's cogent analysis of the "6 by 12" strategy for gay marriage in New England has already scored quite a few comments. Her view--"The principle that kids need mothers and fathers is worth fighting for"--expresses concisely one of MercatorNet's core philosophies."