Saturday, April 11, 2009

What about those octuplets?

Jennifer Roback Morse

Government indifference to responsible fatherhood is what made the tragedy of OctoMom possible.

What are we to make of the case of Nadya Suleman, the California woman who gave birth to octuplets through IVF? The case has inspired lots of internet chatter and water cooler talk. I maintain that insurance and government funding are the least of the worries of this case. The case illustrates two deep problems with our current attitudes toward artificial reproductive technology (ART). First, no one has a right to have a baby. Second, the state should not be in the business of deliberately separating father from their children.


Anonymous said...

Children have the right to be conceived through an act of love between the parents. This does not happen with IVF.

Governments are withdrawing their support for marriage as in the example you have given and in recent legislation making gay "marriage" lawful.

Anonymous said...

WA Today
Daughter seeking sperm donor dad hits legal dead end
Peter Gregory
April 11, 2009

"It is interesting that in almost every other situation, society strongly encourages fathers to be part of their children's lives, and those who refuse … are labelled deadbeat dads," she said.

"Yet in this exception, it is the exact opposite. Sometimes I feel labelled a deadbeat child for wanting to know the identity of my biological father, because I might upset or inconvenience him."

She said a donor always knew he was creating a child, and a reasonable person would realise the significance of that act.

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