Thursday, January 08, 2009

Planned Parenthood Covers Up Ohio Incest


According to a press release from the Idaho Values Alliance, Julia Piercey, who served as the Director of Education and Training for Boise's Planned Parenthood (PP) affiliate, will be named as a defendant in a civil suit against PP. Ms. Piercey allegedly broke Ohio state law by refusing to report the sexual abuse of a 16-year-old girl at the hands of her own father.

The complaint alleges that:

Ms. Fairbanks' father had not only abused her since she was 13, he got her pregnant at age 16, at which point he brought her to the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Cincinnate where Ms. Piercey, as the Vice President of Education and Training, was in charge of training Planned Parenthood's employees. She was responsible to ensure that they understood their legal duty to report knowledge or suspicion of the sexual abuse of minors.

Alarmingly, a note in Ms. Piercey’s own handwriting reveals that Planned Parenthood had adopted a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy with regard to the sexual abuse of minors.

Despite the fact that Ms. Fairbanks informed Planned Parenthood’s staff that she had been forced to engage in sexual acts, Planned Parenthood staff did not report the suspected abuse to law enforcement officials, as they were required to do under Ohio law.
Since the Southwest Ohio PP went ahead and performed the abortion requested by Ms. Fairbanks' father to cover up his crime, and did not report the abuse of Ms. Fairbanks' to authorities, the incest continued. In fact, Ms. Fairbanks' continued to be abused for another year and a half. It was stopped only when Ms. Fairbanks' confided in her future college basketball coach, and he reported the abuse to authorities.

No thanks to Planned Parenthood, the father is now in prison.

Unfortunately, that is not the only case that Ms. Piercey's clinic covered up. In another similar situation, a 21-year-old soccer coach started a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl on his team, impregnated her, and took her to the same clinic for an abortion. He claimed to be her brother (despite a different last name) and paid for the abortion using a credit card. PP never even bothered to verify whether or not her parents had given consent to the abortion or tried to find out how old the girl's sexual partner was.

Eventually the coach was found out and spent three years in prison for sexual battery - again with no thanks to PP.

Amazingly enough, Ms. Piercey's clinic did not report a single instance of suspected sexual abuse from January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2004. The latter case is tied up in court right now because PP is resisting requests to divulge statistical information on the number of abortions it performs.

The bad news is that Ms. Piercey now serves in that same capacity for the Boise, Idaho, PP affiliate.

There seems to be a pattern of failing to report minor sexual abuse going on here. Bryan Fischer, Executive Director of Idaho Values Alliance, says "It's hard not to suspect that Planned Parenthood avoids reporting requirements for the crassest of reasons: money. Doing abortions on minors is a gravy train for them, and they don't want a little think like obeying the law to interfere with that. If adult perpetrators know they'll get reported, they will be less inclined to bring minors in for abortions. And abortions represent big money for Planned Parenthood."

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