Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moral relativism and Obama at Notre Dame

Star Parker - Syndicated Columnist -

In a letter to the 2009 graduating class of Notre Dame, Father John Jenkins, the university's president, explains why he is "proud" to have had President Barack Obama speak and be honored at his university. Let's put aside momentarily the appropriateness of a Catholic university honoring a man who aggressively supports legal abortion, including partial-birth abortion, and has supported a procedure that permits the destruction of a living child after birth. Someone who says that the question regarding the rights of the unborn is "above my pay grade." And consider that Father Jenkins says that, aside from honoring the nation's president, the university must be "a crossroads through which pass people of many different perspectives, backgrounds, faiths, and cultures." In other words, it must entertain diversity of opinion.

I maintain an active speaking tour at universities across this country. Over the years, I have spoken at over 180 universities of all kinds. And one thing I can report is that American universities are uniformly liberal.


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