Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking Sex Differences Seriously

This is a comment that was left on the post of Dr. Morse's article, How Iowa Happened. It is worthy of it's own blog post. Thank you, Mr. Rhoads.

I am one of the academics whose testimony was considered irrelevant by theIowa court. In my book, Taking Sex Differences Seriously, I set forthevidence showing sex differences in parenting. Mothers and fathers parentin very different ways and both approaches are important in the healthydevelopment of children. The book also sets forth my own research showingdramatic differences in male and female academics' interest in caring forinfants/toddlers.

The Iowa court's footnote, quoted by Dr. Morse, cavalierly dismissesresearch clearly relevant to the question of whether same sex parentingdoes as well as parenting by a biological mother and father.

Steven E. Rhoads
Politics Department
University of Virginia

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your analysis Jennifer. I read your public paper over at nationformarriage and appreciated it. It took me a second timme to read it before it really sunk in for me. 1st I wrote my own position for procreation in a comment under one of the nom blogs, I didn't realize it but my comment was saying the exact same thing you did however coming from a different angle. A a poster had asked about the child protections. When I reread your paper, it hit me that the child protectins aren't certainly addressed by the courts. Thank you for you work.