Monday, May 11, 2009

Pro-life funeral procession offers closure

This is a cool idea.

Pete Chagnon - OneNewsNow - A pro-life protest of a different sort will take place today -- the day before Mother's Day. The protestors will not be carrying signs or chanting slogans. Instead, only the sound of car engines will be heard as participants take place in the second annual Procession of Healing. Event founder Aaron Jones, worship arts pastor at Trinity Chapel in Knoxville, Tennessee, explains the event further.

"People who have abortions or were involved in an abortion [are] very traumatized by it and [feel it's] something they can't be forgiven for," says Jones. "So we decided to do...what we call the 'Procession of Healing,' which is a funeral procession through our downtown area. Last year we had about 300 cars going through the downtown area with black flags."

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