Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Same-Sex Marriage Movement and the Dangers of Denunciation

by Carson Holloway

Regardless of who prevails in the argument over marriage, the politics of denunciation practiced by same-sex marriage supporters will have damaged the public discourse.

One of the most troubling aspects of the same-sex marriage movement is the rhetorical strategy it so frequently employs: denunciation of its opponents. The most vocal and prominent advocates of same-sex marriage seem to prefer condemning those who disagree as bigots to refuting the arguments for preserving marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Moreover, this tendency is found not just among partisan activists, where one might expect it even while lamenting it, but even among the voices of the most venerable institutions.


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peter hoh said...

Motes, beams. People on both sides make sweeping generalizations about people who disagree with them.

Yes, many who support SSM are quick to charge bigotry. I wish they would stop. It's not an effective tactic, in my opinion.

However, many of those opposed to SSM are quick to charge their opponents with being disingenuous. You'll recognize the argument that gay couples don't really want to marry -- they want to destroy marriage for everyone.

The other frequent charge is that SSM supporters are misguided.

Recently, OneMillionMoms urged their readers to "Send Miley Cyrus a letter stating that you do not approve of her comments."

OMM continued: "Clearly she is confused and does not understand the Bible."

Sounds like a denunciation to me.