Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dad is the guy with the band-aids

From a single dad, via Glenn Sacks:

I was working with several single men on a project. One guy accidentally cut his finger, nothing major, but it was bleeding a little, so we all stopped. Without thinking, I pulled out my wallet, opened it up, took out a band-aid and handed it to him. He said 'Thanks, thats just what I need." I would have forgot all about it, except, he then asked me in a very puzzled tone, "I've heard of guys carrying around condoms, but what kind of guy carries band-aids in his wallet?"

The question made me think, why DO I always have a few band-aids in my wallet? I keep them because I have kids. Whenever they were very small and were out playing, they would sometimes come running to me crying over some small injury. A band-aid with a hug and a kiss with some advice to 'be more careful' always made it better. Remember I'm a single dad, so I can't say go inside and have mom put a band-aid on that --- its just me and the kids. Going inside myself with the injured kid and finding the box of band-aids usually took so much time that playtime was almost over and what do you do out at the park? Carrying a few band-aids was much more convenient and allowed play to resume after just a few minutes.

My kids have even brought their little injured friends up to me to get a band-aid. I know I can't hug the other kids in this fear-crazed society, but I do give them a band-aid and a few extra pats on the shoulder with the 'be more careful' advice.

So the only answer that makes sense to the question why I carry around band-aids was, "Because I'm a dad."

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