Friday, May 04, 2007


In response to my article, "Some People Just Need to get Spanked."

In response to your article, I must say first that I am proud of Sally
Lieber's bill and second that I am proud to be from a state that cares about the welfare of it's youngest members. Many countries around the world have totally banned the spanking of children. You don't hear about too many problems with their children either. Why? Because their children are being raised in generally peaceful societies where they do not fear being smacked by the people who are supposed to love them and protect them.

We are one of the last Western countries to not have a ban on hitting children. Have we ever been a peaceful society? Hardly. Before you mock our state and our legislaters in another article, perhaps you should do some soul searching and ask yourself why you would advocate hitting children no matter how "mild" that hitting would be. We are talking about children - where even a small slap can be traumatic.

We have laws in every state where if you hit an animal or another adult you could find yourself before a judge. How then do we allow adults to hit the smallest members of our society without having to be accountable for their actions? Hopefully soon it will not be just CA that bans hitting children but all states - that way we can join the intelligent countries in the rest of the world that have recognized the evils of hitting children.

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